Updated March 2017

It can be difficult to know exactly where you stand in today’s rapidly changing business climate. Is your independent school operating in accordance with industry best practices? Or performing less than optimally, perhaps even with cause for concern in certain areas?

The National Business Officers Association (NBOA), in partnership with consultants and industry experts, published Practical Guidance for Independent School Business Operations to help answer these questions. According to NBOA, the publication was designed to assist the independent school community with the development of sound, comprehensive business office practices.

In the guide, you’ll find 56 guidelines in key areas of financial management and operations, with evidence-of-achievement descriptions for Minimum Compliance, Effective Practice and Best Practice, as well as Red Flags to identify areas that may require additional attention. It even includes a self-assessment Compliance Worksheet you can use to rate your school.

Click here to download the NBOA publication.




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