Someone once said that forgetting is as important as learning, at least when old knowledge outlives its relevance.

It was just this concern for relevance — and for the impact of old knowledge in a changing world — that led Independent Sector to publish its current guide for charities and foundations, Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice.

Recognizing that the charitable sector has been buffeted by evolving technology and a range of emerging issues, Independent Sector recruited 21 sector leaders to help analyze the implications of the new environment on the original Principles. The result is a comprehensive guide for strengthening the effectiveness and accountability of not-for-profit organizations in the U.S.

The current guide includes 33 principles in four major categories: legal compliance and public disclosure, effective governance, strong financial oversight, and responsible fundraising. There are important implications for transparency and privacy, executive compensation, overhead costs, risk, ethics and whistle-blower policies, fundraising, and new business or income opportunities, to name a few.

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